Artist Panel

To be honest some of the guest artist that presented last week were a hit or miss with me. The first guest artist, who was a arts professor at San Diego State University, focused on how to make an arts portfolio in case any one of use was interested in applying to an arts graduate school. To be honest I was getting worried because after seen the a former student art portfolio of his I felt like all my artwork and photography  would be inferior compared to other applicants. Still I wouldn’t reject the idea of applying to an arts graduate school somewhere down the line. If theirs one thing I know is that my friend Daisy should apply to an arts graduate school somewhere down the line. She is a very flexible and versatile artist who could benefit greatly learning from other already established artist. The second guest artist was an arts professor from UCLA. To me she was the second least interesting artist of the group, I don’t know why, but one thing that caught my attention in her story was how she was able to raise donation for this one art exhibition and how their certain groups of people that will buy your artwork and  financially support you. To me that was really interesting. The Veterans presentation caught my attention because it showed how by taking a chance on something new or unexpected can change your life. The other thing that caught my attention were the other veterans ceramic arts for some reason their artwork just resonated with me. Thats why I decided to go and see it with Daisy if she is still around. Our professors presentation Nancy diBenedetto, (Thats right I’m calling you out on a blog!!!) was also interesting in both her military career and graduate career though the photos of her and her daughter is what really captured my attention especially the black and white photos where their sitting next to each other on the couch. I don’t know how to explain it but it kind of feels like Im looking at a mirror of our professor looking at her self. I don’t know if that sentence made any sense but those pictures are really good and I am having a difficult time finding the words to describe them.


The 2 worst Assignment

The Panorama assignment is my least favorite assignment because of all the technical issues that I faced while trying to take and edit the photos foe the panorama shot. I will admit that part of the fault lies with me but i will not forgive the technical difficulties because when I was finish editing the photos I was not able to upload the main panorama photo due to the photo been to big or something. It was late, I was tired and I wanted to be done with the assignment.

My second assignment that I did not like was the dipit and tripid assignment just because I was not able to figure out how to make the photos fit into the entire page.

Best 2 assignments

#Is this Dated

#Is this Dated is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, assignment that I enjoyed for this class. Although I was not able to fallow through with my original plan but I was still able to work around it with the local abandoned building in North County and in Lake Elsinor. What made this assignment special was not the topic that I choose for my book project but rather what I was able to do with it. Never in a million years would I thought that I would trespass into an abandoned military school with my best friend. Stuff like this are how memories and friendships are made.

Lake San Marcos

One of the reason why this assignment is on the list is due to the shinanagins that happened between me and Daisy and how she forgot to charge her camera. It was fun for me because It was the first time I was able to take photos of Daisy. Their were several shots of Daisy that really stood out from the photos that I took from Lake San Marcos that I’m really glad i was to take.


Im going to be honest I had a hard time doing the panorama shots since my vertical panorama had to be done with horizontal shoots and it was difficult to take a normal panorama since my tripod was missing the part that connects the camera to the tripod. Also the twist also took a while to get right. Also I don’t know if my normal panorama will be visible in this blog.