Im going to be honest I had a hard time doing the panorama shots since my vertical panorama had to be done with horizontal shoots and it was difficult to take a normal panorama since my tripod was missing the part that connects the camera to the tripod. Also the twist also took a while to get right. Also I don’t know if my normal panorama will be visible in this blog.



So on Tuesday, during spring break, me and Daisy went to MOPA to look at both of the Disorder and the Indian Landscape exhibitions that were been hosted by MOPA. The exhibition that caught my interest was the Disorder Exhibition because the paintings and photos that were displayed for it were more visually stimulating for me then the Indian Landscape exhibition. The main artist that caught my interest was Maxim Dondyuk and his series of Culture of the Confrontation. The best way to describe his series is that it takes place during the Ukrainian Revolution during the winter of 2013. When I first saw his photos they seem so fictional as if they could have been mistaken for a painting. Though the photo of the police force walking from left to right and from dark into light really caught my eye since it appears as if the police force is walking out of hell into heaven to call down the riots or protest. The other Artist that caught my eye was Ori Gersht and his exploding plants which may be a variation of one of his earlier works called Big Bang. At a glance it just seems interesting to look act while also fitting with the Disorder theme of the exhibition. We also went into the Seeing is Believing? exhibition which I do not know if that was also part if the exhibition or not since you did say two exhibitions and not three but that one was pretty neat to visit since their are a few photos that are really cool when you put on those 3D glasses.


Letters to Young Artist Post


For my Letters To Young Artist post I went with the letter written by Gregory Amenoff because he is basically given quick bullet point advice that could help any young artist explore, reach out and network with other young artist and how to support one another. Though one of my favorite quotes from him is “Don’t Be Afraid To Do Dumb Things In The Studio” which i feel photo accurately portray since I was short on time and had little access to paint so I did the best with what time I had. I regret nothing!!!


For my final project for VSAR 302 I want to focus my project around the theme of Urban Decay. The main focus of the book project will be centered on the Salton Sea in Southern California as well as other areas of Southern California that display signs of urban decay. What I hope to accomplish with this theme is to evoke a variety set of emotion such as the feeling of an adventure, loss, hope and etc.

The reason why I chose the Salton Sea to be the main focus of my final project is do to the fact that the Salton Sea was an unintentionally man made sea by the California Development Company in 1905 when the Colorado River burst through poorly built irrigation controls south of Yuma, Arizona. All though this is viewed as an engineering disaster the Salton Sea has experienced some success as a resort area such as Salton City, Salton Sea Beach, and Desert Shore in the west bank while Desert Beach, North Shore, and Bombay Beach rose in the east shore in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s but would later shrink down in size or abandoned due to the increase in salinity and pollution of the lake over the years from agriculture runoff and other sources. You can also say that I’m fascinated with the idea of how humanity tried to make the best of terrible situation that they made only to slowly abandoning it due to the increase of salinity and pollution in the lake. One of the emotions that I want my final project to emulate is the sense of adventure since it will be a two to a two and a half hour drive from campus to Salton Sea and does feel as if we are walking into a semi post apocalyptic future. While at the same time I want to capture the sense of lost, abandonment, broken dreams and aspirations since there are a good amount of people that still inhabit Salton Sea that potential dream of creating better life for themselves when Salton Sea was prosperous. Though I do have some concerns when visiting Salton Sea which involve how the locals will react to us visiting their neighborhood since from what I heard from other individuals who have visited the area they seem to have an issue with people who visit Salton Sea just to take pictures. Another concern that I have is the potential encounter with wild animals that have inhabited some of the abandoned houses. Because of this concerns I know see why my professor suggested that I bring someone along with me when I visit Salton Sea.

All though I expect the trip to Salton Sea to be an all day trip I still feel that I will not be able to capture everything that the Salton Sea has to offer. So as a perception in the case that I do not take enough photos of the Salton Sea I have decided to expand the urban decay theme to the surrounding local areas. The reason why I decided to use this a semi potential back up plan is due to the fact that people can find urban decay anywhere they go if they look close enough around them. Oceanside and Escondido are great potential for this back up plan but I also want to include other district such as Encinitas, San Marcos and Vista as well to this list. This is also gives me an opportunity to explore other areas of North County that I wasn’t able to explore before.

How I plan on designing the book is still a work in progress though at the moment I am still debating on whether or not I should make my photo black and white or make them vibrant with color. To be honest I feel that what I plan to do has already been done before though I plan on using those examples as a blue print for my final project. I am also playing with the idea of having some of the pages black or white with a one or a few words written in them though its not a permanent concept for my final project yet.

In conclusion I see the trip to the Salton Sea as a great opportunity to test my photography skill while at the same time attempt to capture the mood that I am trying to convey in my photography book project. As for the overall design of the book itself is still a work n progress at the moment but I plan on developing it as time goes on.